Q:Will there be box provided for furniture, electronics and other items?

A:Our staff/crew/movers will pack your furniture, electronics and other items into the box.(professionally packed)

Q:Will there be prices added during the relocating process?

A:No. We will add prices if a client failed to report an item, temporary moves, miss to report the new accommodation is a walk up apartment, sudden change from elevator services to no elevator services, these fees will be listed on the quotation.

Q:Will my personal item be packaged?

A: Personal items such as money, jewelry, and antique will not be packed by Cat Mover.

Q:What happens if my item is damaged from transportation?

A:Cat Mover is responsible for the safety of the customers' furniture and carries out good packaging. Our policy is that if there is any loss, shortage or damage during transportation, we will fix the item to its original condition. The item that can not be repaired to its original condition Cat Mover will compensate 30% of the item price to our client . However, if the loss and damage of the goods is caused by force majeure, reasonable loss of damage determined by the goods' own attributes or the customer's own fault, the company will not be liable for compensation.

Q:Are there boxes provided?

A:Yes. Cat Mover provides 30 free boxes.

Q:Are tips mandatory?

A:Tips are optional because Cat Mover’s priority is our client and protect their interests.