Tips for moving


Moving to a new accommodation can be a headache for some people, whether they have an abundance of furniture to relocate or do not know where to begin. Preparation beforehand is essential in order for the transportation process to go smoothly.

2-3 days before relocating preparations:

1.If you are not packing your items, please let us know and we will arrange our staff to pack for you.

2.Cat Mover provides 20 free boxes to our customer, if necessary, please contact customer service in advance to arrange delivery, so you may pack in advance.

3.We recommend customers to label boxes to facilitate identification, store less than 35 pounds per boxes to avoid accidents!

4.If there are fragile items in the box, place plushies around the fragile items and label fragile on the box so our staff can handle them carefully.

A day before moving preparations:

1.Disconnect TV, speaker, dvd player, computer, and internet cables power sources.

2.Pets (cats, dogs, fish, birds) and plants they must be relocated by yourself. If you have fish as pets, please prepare another portable tank to put in the fish and remove everything in the fish tank.

3.Pack electronics in advanced (microwave, heater, fan, dehumidifier, air fresher etc) into the boxes we provided.

Preparations on the day of moving:

1.Please arrange someone to stay at home so that they can open the door for our movers and answer inquiries.

2.If there are fragile items and items that require special handling, please indicate clearly on the box and inform our movers when moving your items.

3.Our staff will prompt to check the number of missing count boxes before leaving the house.

4.If you have personal items such as cash, accessories, documents and other biological organisms (animals and plants), please relocate it yourself.

5.When our movers finished moving your items, please immediately head to your new accommodation to indicate the placement of the items.

6.After the mover placed your items in position, please check again if there are any items missing

Tips for packing


Fold your clothes and put into the boxes upon your liking, if winter clothes do not fit into the boxes, we have dress hanger containers as another options.

  Daily Supplies  

Please indicate the boxes used for daily supplies such as toys, accessories, first- aid kit, fans, air purifiers, stoves etc.


Kitchenware items usually have more glass and ceramic products. Such as sauces, dishes etc can be classified and placed. Bottle shaped items can be packed in boxes, and fill empty area with bubble wrap to prevent the bottle from colliding and breaking; ceramic dishes can be placed in different sizes. Place a bubble wrap in between dishes and wrap a layer of bubble wrap on kitchen appliances.


Organize neatly in the box, if the accommodation does not include elevator services, place 60% books in the boxes and the rest with light items (the box must be full). If the accommodation has elevator services, please fill the box with books. This policy is to ensure the safety of our movers health.

Fragile Items  

Glass items, flower vase, other fragile items can be wrapped with bubble wrap and then can be packaged. Please indicate on the box with "fragile items, please be careful". The gap in the boxes can be filled with bubble wrap to avoid breaking the fragile item during transportation.

Packing Furniture  

Such items should be handed over to our professional handling staff for packaging.