Customer Service Process


 1    Fill in the information


Call us or fill in personal information and provide information needed for quotation

Call (853) 2835 1470 to speak to our customer service to understand how our quotation works, please provide your name, telephone number, family member, the address you are currently staying and will be moving to, furniture sizes, the date of moving and other services you want to request.

 2   Make an appointment


Make an appointment for our staff to come up for quotation

Our staff will arrive on time to customers place for quotation, please make sure there is someone available.

 3  Confirming quotation 


Confirmation quotation

Cat Mover staff will enter our client's home and will evaluate furniture, electrical appliances and items.

After evaluation, the staff will tell the customer some details of the moving house, then write the quantity into the quotation, and then follow the customer's choice. The plan and the items that need to be relocated provide a quotation, and finally the customer is clearly informed of the disclaimer and the customer is asked to confirm the signature

 4   Materials provided

2019-07-22 142822.jpg

Provide packaging materials as needed

Cat mover staff will provide boxes based on the services chosen; we ensure you to have enough preparation time to pack.

 5    Confirmation


Our staff will call prior to the moving day

Customer service staff will call the day before the move to confirm the time, address, and remind customers to pack their own items in advance.

 6 Relocation service


Based on the appointment, our staff will move all your belongings from old accommodation to your new accommodation

First of all, our staff first determines whether the quantity of items to be moved is the same as the quotation, and then puts protective measures, then takes all the items that have been packaged by the customer to the truck. Make sure that all items that need to be relocated are taken to the new house after getting on the truck.